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SEEDLING.. MY OLD 2002 Research / Book Extract...

0.1.    AURA
Human physical body is called the Annamaya kosha, which exists for any living being.  The Pranamaya kosha is the vital body, which is present as long as the life exists. When one dies the pranamaya kosha gets detached. The dry leaf does not have the Pranamaya Kosha so also to the dead trees. All the animates which have the memory and the conscious mind do have the next settle layer around the body covering the Pranamaya Kosha called the Manonmaya Kosha. As one attains higher knowledge; the super conscious mind gets enlarged and covers the Manonmaya Kosha by the Vijnanamaya Kosha. The outer most cover is the cosmic energy kosha called the Anandamaya Kosha. These Pancha Kosha forms the energy layer of  living beings called the AURA.  


Spirituality calms the overactive mind and increases the mental energy and concentration to focus inwards. As one become more and more spiritual, the AURA grows, the cosmic energy gets enlarged and person reaches more close to GOD. Increasing the spirituality could attain the divine power of realization of vital life force energy.

There is no need to talk connecting Yoga and Meditation in the general sense. But to be specific, this helps in realizing their goals much faster and better. Consider the Yoga initialization exercise – Swasa Kriya, the breathing exercise. With the chanting of AUM (OM) the Swasa Kriya becomes simple and much more effective.  The Yoga mudra and the positions make the meditation easy and complete.  It is easy for a yogi to get into meditation.  Reaching the meditation keeps the chemical reactions inside the brain and the vibrating frequencies of the brain to be minimal. Thus the meditations allows keeping the energy at the highest level and spirituality makes it much simpler to practice compared to any other practicing methods of focusing inwards to attain calm.  This is the reason why ten minutes of meditation replaces two to three hours of sleep.

0.4.    HEALERS

Healing need to keep the patient fit in the three-fold - physically, mentally and emotionally.  Our traditional way of treatment like AYURVEDA considers this holistic approach.  The imported methods like Unani, Homeopathy and Allopathy lack the holistic approach. The latest techniques of the ancient sciences like REIKI, PRANIC HEALING, KUNDALINI YOGA, COLOR THERAPY, CRYSTAL HEALING, MUSUC THERAPY and MAGNETO_THERAPY have been able to consider the three-fold health approach. But it is heartening to note that many healers claim much more than what the method they follow could claim, also fail to merit the other methods.


There are earth energies that influence the living beings.  The energies could be good or bad, generated by the earth by the minerals, stones etc., or could be generated from the pollution contributed by human. Thus under the ground and in the atmosphere there are lot of such energies both good (positive) and bad (negative) that influences the biological inmates. The study of such energy is dealt under the subject called geo-biology. 


There are many animals and plants that attract and enjoy these geo-biological energies. On one hand some of them are attracted to consume, store and spread the positive energies and on the other hand there are other sets for the negative. There are certain plants; not just animals, that like the positive energy and there is other set which are pro negative. The trees like coconut, pipal, apple, pear, plum; plants like thulasi, sunflower etc. are positive and cherry, peach, oak, fir are negative. Similarly the animals like human, dogs, cows, elephants, horses, chickens gets attracted to the positive energy and at the contrary the cats, bees, ants, insects, bacteria likes the negative energy. This is the reason people say that the place where your dog rests is a good place and on the other hand the cats rest is not good. 


The stress influenced on the living being because of the bad energy at the place of stay is called the geopathic stress. The above classification of negative and the positive energies makes it clear that the place where the negative energy persists is not good for the humans.  Thus there is a need for identification of such negative places and clear it for making it positively livable.


Hartmann was a German dowser who was very successful in identifying the underground water source.  He realized on his dowsing failures - the existence of negative energies along the straight lines – due to the presence of some other energy that influences the dowsing.  His experiments give rise to the understanding of the lines formed by the Geopathic Stress called the Hartmann Lines. It is detected that there are two sets of Hartmann Lines, one in the south-north and the other in the east-west direction. These lines are the agglomeration of the negative energies and flows from one side to the other in specific directions. The crossings of these lines are called the Hartmann Nodes.

The Hartmann lines are the concentrations of the negative energies; they influence badly on the positive life.  One who sits at the location will feel sluggish. The bad energy being exposed continuously will case health problems. There are studies to report that the place gives symptoms like Sleeplessness, insomnia, decrease of appetite, nightmares, mental depression, increased heartbeat, suffering from ill-defined disease, paralysis, sharp headache etc.  The anxiety of the business plans and functions with uncertainty slow development, loss of self-confidence, difficulty in learning is also understood to be influenced by the earth rays. Children exposed to these energies have been seemed to be under a stammer effect.  As per the reports by Kathe Bachler, earth ray researcher in Austria; Dr. Arnold Manliker, Dr. Harger in Germany, Dr. Ernest Hartmann and Melvin Galwin (Novel prize), the cancer is produced under the influence of geopathic earth ray.


There are scientific equipments to measure the AURA. Some of them use an instrument in which the finger needs to be inserted and concentrate and relax in turn for the measurement to get stabilized. Thus the AURA can be read in numbers.  The Kirlian Photography is used to photograph the AURA of the body to be developed on a special negative film or print paper. There is no full–proof scientific reasoning on this mechanisms but it is observed that the AURA exist only for the living being and not for the dead.  The green leaf has got AURA and not the dried ones. Also the person who has problems on health – physically, mentally, emotionally – can be photographed and the detection of the illness is possible by interpreting the AURA.

The dowsing equipments are known for the identification of the existence of water and minerals in side the earth’s underground.  In detection of the existing pipelines and the cables during survey the dowsers’ help is sought. The success rates of the dowsers are huge and is in use may be more than 8000 years. But till today no one knows how dowsing works. Einstein thought that the answer probably lay in electromagnetism and the research by many physicists suggests that this may be so.

Russian Scientific Association has recognized the pair of Hartmann rods as the simplest dowsing equipment. With very little practice, any individual can easily handle these rods to measure the AURA and positive and negative energies as one dowse for the underground water and minerals.


It is a realization for the animals that can detect the presence of the energies. There are stories on the predictions of one the earthquake in China by watching the behavior of the animals in that region.  This prediction had saved many lives. There is no scientific method to predict the earthquake and the studies by the scientists are only on the measurements and the after effects.

Ancient practices of deciding the place of living by locating the resting-place of cow of sheep indicate the faith that the human being had in the VASTU. These animals have the special capability to detect the positive energy location. The migrating birds are believed as being navigated by the pattern of the Earth’s magnetic field. This may be because of an unconscious reaction on the muscles, which can be realized only when gets sensitized for that.

There are saints who could predict the energy levels of places and the people. Also there are healers who either channelize or provide the cosmic energy or the prana for the needed ones. These healers realize the energy so as the beneficiaries. The meditation and spiritual practices could increase the power of realization and the visualization of the positive and the negative energies at places and living being.    


The GOD has infinite AURA and is the source of the cosmic energy. Hindu Veda considers SUN, AIR, WATER, EARTH, ATMOSPHERE, BRHMANDAM, etc. as the source of energies. Infinite power exists in these sources and one could consume as much as required and a healer can transfer this energy to the required beneficiary who are not able to absorb it directly.

There are various sources of energies and all may have varied strengths. The energies get its impressions on all varied forms of Idols, Pictures and Geometries.  Also based on the japas and the MANTHRAS being chanted around these symbols makes them to light it more powerful to serve well.

The specific Geometries and the metal used to draw them determine the power of the YANTHRAS so created.  The yanthras are also very powerful as the concentrations of the energies. There are specific geometries being drawn in front of many of the houses called – muggu (Kolam). The SWASTHIK being drawn on many occasions also serves as the source or transformer of energy.

Many of the stones, gems, rings, rudrakshas, rosaries and the various ornaments used could collect and concentrate the energies.  The enlightenment of the life force energies by the use of these external wearing are immense.

The JAPA and the MUSIC also could create the positive force.  The presence of the Idols, Pictures, Geometries and the wearing are resources that can attract these energies and preserves it for the service for longer time.  Thus the PRARTHANA and POOJA with Japas exposed to these spiritual symbols become more powerful and will have more longevity.

Water is understood to have the maximum capacity to absorb the energies.  The ordinary water that one collects from the tap when analyzed by enlarging 20000 times shows a scattered pattern against the six-petal shape of the purest water.  The distilled water gets a polygon shape and the clustered water gets the blurred petal shape.  The THEERTHAM that one collects from the TEMPLE or at your PRARTHANALAYAM after the pooja gets a clear petal shape. This indicates that the water can be cleansed through Japas of MANTHRAS. This is the reason that water is used with mantras for many of the SPIRITUAL KARMAS.  Consuming the pure water helps the body to be healthy. The visualization of blood purification can be seen by analysing the blood before and after consuming the Theertham. Thus the consumption of the THEERTHAM is very good for the health. It is to be noted that the row vegetables and fruits are known as sources of vitamins and energies because of the purest water present in them.


In practice, cleaning of a place is not possible unless one identifies the place of dustbin, so is the case with energies. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. The spiritual powers works as the sink of the bad energies and source of the good energies. They can thus be considered as the transformers.

One could approach the healer to fill the gap in his AURA and the healer balances and energises it. But if the place of stay is not a place of positive energy, the treatment is as pouring water in a leaking vessel.  Thus it is important to place the patient, to that matter all the living being at the place of positive energy.

The simplest technique is to keep the place positive is to place Idols or Pictures of GOD, YANTHRAS and also do POOJA and chant MANTHRAS as much as possible.  The best way to get cleaned, balanced and energised is the SPIRITUAL WAY. In these advanced mechanized era the people are lacking the opportunities to realize the GOD and hence have varied ill-defined problems. A well-defined approach in life can be achieved by leading by positive attitude in the activities.

The bad energies that are of high intensities and that are powerful and are not able to be removed by the normal prayers and worships are the one need to attend by the DOSHAPARIHARAS.  The method could be to transfer the DOSHA to a priest (BRAHMIN) who has the power to transfer them into positive. By giving the DHAKSHINA, this is what is being assumed to be happening.  The papa is being transferred to the BRAHMIN, which he can neutralize by chanting the required mantras.    

The worst negative effect could only be removed by the AVAHANA methods. In this process the bad energies are caught in some specific YANTHRAS and they are generally immersed in deep-water ponds. Strong mantras could also be used to clear the bad energy in these AVAHANA YANTHRAS and can be reused. These processes of UDWAHANA can be done only by certain category of specialized brahmins. 

There are specific IDOLS OF GODS in Hindu mythology that is capable of absorbing the evil spirits.  In such places the KURUTHI like pujas will be done and the GOD takes the bad effects on the individuals and the person gets relieved.   Most of the GODS in these classes exist as the sub-deity along with powerful GOD like RUDRA (SHIVA). The reason is that the person need to get positive energy as he get rid of the bad effects of negative energy, then only the person can improve in their activities.


The place where the bad thoughts get propagated makes the surrounding filled with negative energies.  The place where un-healthy arguments or scolding takes place, fightings happens; are the places that produce bad energies.  By analyzing the energy level at a house at various places it is possible to indicate the level of happiness in the house and also the place of arguments and fighting.

The fighting could be the character of the individual due to his planetary position in the Jathaka (Horoscope). The place at which one stays could help in aggravating or pacifying the GRAHACHARAS. The PARIHARAM being prescribed by the astrologer for these happening helps the individual in creating the positive energy. It is the responsibility of the individuals to continue the prayers and sustain the energy level.

If one could not catch the rail and the POOJA-KARMAS are not generating the positive effect or he remains in the negative area, the effect will be the bad thoughts. Because of the bad thoughts the area become more and more bad and the people staying in such places will be suffering. One could see fighting, arguments and diseases in such places.


The place of living needs to be clean to be healthy.  Compounded effects of many of the factors need to be considered to conclude the status of the place of living. These may be like the direction of the wind, location of rooms, place of entrants, existence of the neighboring establishments and facilities, external thoughts that influences the place, internally created bad thoughts etc. There are ways and means of handling each of these in various methods and most of them work in tandem while deciding the effect of VASTHU.  The cumulative effect of all these varied components can be quantified and shown in terms of goodness (positive) or badness (negative) in the energy concept.

The Hartmann Lines inside the house determines the health, divinity and the good and bad locations in the house. It is easy to feel the energy differences in the house for a geopathic energy practitioner (Geobiologist). The Hartmann Rods can be used to detect and demonstrate the presence of the energy lines and nodes. Also the clearing processes by simple techniques that can be felt instantly by the inmates provides the opportunity to demonstrate energy concept. The virtue and grace of GOD can be realized even in this day of complex life styles to underline the ancient Indian Traditions in Veda.



The way to improve the activity is the realization of GOD, absorbs the infinite source of energy.  Do PRAYERS, POOJAS, and JAPAS, etc. to have immense power to visualize the self and clean the thought processes. Also it helps in cleaning the DOSHAS and attaining the positive energy.  The wearing of the GEMS, STONES, RUDRAKSHAS, MALAS, ROSARIES helps in concentrating the positive energy effect on the person wearing them.  The YANTHRAS helps in cleaning the area by closing the passages of the bad energies. All these are the methods and steps that take us and show the presence of GOD.

MEDITATING on GOD is another (and the best) way to feel the presence of the GOD.  The opening of the SAHASRACHAKRAS and the realization of the EXTREAM POWER give the happiness.  The practice of such visualization of GOD gives more and more PRANA and the AURA to give health and spirituality to the practitioner.


The situation of GOD REALIZATION takes one into a stage where the individual will not distinguish the healing method as YOGA, REIKI, PRANIC, COLOR, MUSIC, VEDIC etc. The energy is the positive energy that needs to be given to treat a patient and there may be requirements of removal of negative energy.  The treatment that the physical body requires for its ailments cannot be replaced by these methods.  Thus the treatment under Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Herbal, Mineral, Allopathy need to be continued.  The place of stay of the patient needs to be cleared and his spirituality needs to be improved. The placement of Idols, Pictures, Chakras, Yanthras helps in this process. Only such unified treatment could help the progress of healing.  To keep good health and sustain energy, staying in an area of positive energy is essential. Thus the concept of UNIFIED VASTHU is built-in in the treatment of life problems without getting into the complexes and details. The idea is to find the health in the environment and mind that will influence the tree-fold fitness (physical, mental and emotional). 

Apart from these general treatment there could be specific cases were one need to study the Jathaka  (HOROSCOPE). Because of the specific planetary position in the Jathaka, there could be problems that are beyond the general prescriptions. To reduce such  JATHAKA DOSHA and the DASA SANDHI it is essential to have the study of the horoscope and prescribe specific GEMS, POOJAS, KARMAS and JAPAS.

Thus the prescription for treatment and well-being need to be a unified one considering the overall aspects of the place of planets at the time of birth, the place of living and the spirituality that determines the CHAITHANIYA of the life.  One needs to get into good practices to attain the better living and the MOKSHA as the end goal.


The spiritual dowsing is the visualization of the
·         Power of the life force energy
·         Earth generated positive and negative energies
·         Effect of meditation / being spiritual
·         Negative places in your place of stay
·         Cleaning process through
            japa, meditation, dyana, prayers etc.
            keeping the idols, pictures etc.
            transferring the cosmic energy etc.
            placing the stones, plants etc.
            mantras, yanthras, gems, stones etc.
            homams, poojas, avahanas, etc.

The SPIRITUAL DOWSING RODS are used to illustrate these.  It is possible to go deviceless with continuous practice of meditation and improved consciousness sensitized to measure energies. The tools themselves provide an element of safety for the beginner and create confidence to the beneficiaries. The dowsing tool can be used to create faith in GOD by taking the individual to the spiritual world through the physical experiences. For each of the questions in the spiritual world, one could come back to the physical world and ask the same question to see or feel the response of the dowsing tool (the SPIRITUAL DOWSING ROD).

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